Don’t stop dreaming

Interpret: Martin Go, 2011

Somewhere in the distance 
Somewhere in the sun
People in the star dance
Try to make you come

That's the world from your dream
That's a part of you
You wanna cry, you wanna scream
In your mind it's true

So don't stop
Go up
And fly
'Cause you need your dreams
That's your world it seems
'Cause just piece by piece
You create no tears
Don't let your heart be pierced by spears

Somewhere in that heaven
Somewhere in this sky
Wonders of the seven
One is you and I

The real life is too hard
Let's stay in the clouds
There's always a brand new start
Just amorous crimes

Ref.: …

Away from reality
Don't wanna go back
Let's live with temerity
Let's fly the flag!

Ref.: …
Don't let your heart be pierced by spears...
Pierced by spears…
Oh, don't let it be pierced...
Pierced by spears…
So don't stop dreaming!
Don't stop dreaming!

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